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Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sick Sam February 28,2007

Well we have a bunch of sickies over here. While Darren was away I mananged to get a small cold with a fever. I figured I would muster through until he returned. Well the next morning I am sending Darren out to get a few basics(milk, bread). I am getting Sam ready to go with and with a flip of a switch my happy go lucky guy is crying and burning up with a fever. I know I sound like a real first time Mom(but I am ). So that just changed a few plans around instead of the rest I thought I was going to get. I proceed to get him back undressed. Make a call to a parental for some real advice call the doctor, half a day and a real cranky Sam later. He has a ear infection and will survive but will we?... Enough said so what does this Mom do when her kid is ill well reach for the camera. I have to say in my defence. It is now rare for Sam to stay still and Dad was home to comfort him which makes the moment even sweeter.

Well off to get better before Darren comes down with it!

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