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Monday, July 03, 2006

So this is what people do on a holiday weekend! July 1,2006

Well as you can guess Darren was home this holiday weekend. We have been very fortunate to have him around as he had some time off. So in between the steady stream of house ammendments we had time for a little We recieved a call from friends Jen & Will for an invitation for afternoon and dinner at their house on Saturday which was just lovely. Their little girl Emily just attended to Sam's every need. Big sister/Babysitter in the making! We had a lovely afternoon just chatting and strolling through Kennsington. After we made our way back we had a delicious dinner. As the night came to a close we found ourselves making plans for the next day.

Our adventure would take us all to Allouette Lake boating. I can say that a terrific time was had by all, especially since this was Sam's first boating experience. Well except when Darren was feeling a little bit quesy from the drifting that we were doing. But once we got him refreshed and a little land time he was all set to go again.

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