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Friday, July 14, 2006

Peas & Carrots(aka Sam & Bronwynne)

If you are not an animal lover than you might stop reading now. I think we should post this in honor of Smommie(you know who you are). Today I was finishing up some painting downstairs. So I brought Sam's blanket so he could play while I finished up. I was working away and saw Browynne pass by I said a hello. She plunked herself right down beside Sam. I saw her grab for one of Sam's toys, I mentioned that was not for her and she dropped it. The next thing I see Sam sucking on a toy nothing to be concerned about then I hear a diffrent sound. So I glance over. Sam is holding the toy so Bronwynne can have a chew. It was ment to be best friends till the end! It is said things happen for a reason. Well, first Bronwynne came into our lives and such a wonderful time and now Sam. We are lucky people!

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