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Monday, June 12, 2006

All or nothing.... Monday June12,2006

Our lives seem to be all or nothing. Everything is always happening at once. I find when Darren is home for a few days things either run smoothly or I feel like I am on turbo mode. Well that is what happened the last few days, the turbo mode. I picked Darren up on Wednesday afternoon. We made our way home from the Vancouver airport some traffic but that is to be expected. Well we stopped at a few car dealer ships to dream as we often do well......the next thing I know we are taking test drive in Langley, Darren is still in uniform and Sam is having a minor melt down as he felt he had been in his car seat too long. Then we go home all pumped up. Try and put that thought on the back burner. The next day we had Darren' parents come over to help out with the front garden. Darren had half of it rototilled and would eventually get the rest done. The rain started to sprinkled a little bit then the down pore happend. So they were able to get a bit done but not alot as planned. The following days had us enjoying the cold Sam caught, gardening and deciding on the car. Needless to say Sam still has a slight cold, so we are officially part of the snotty nose club, we planted the garden and seeded the other area. And we bought the car.

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Anonymous said...

Nice Car
Nice Garden
and Nice and cute snotty nose