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Thursday, March 24, 2011

St Patricks Day March 17,2011

Well this was as exciting as Christmas at our house. Our teacher at Kindergarten had infused the children with such wonder and excitement for St.Patricks day it was fantastic. Throughout the whole month the kids had been reading, doing crafts, writing letters to Leppy the leprechaun and building houses(secretly they are traps). Well on St.Patricks day she mentioned doing a pancake breakfast, green of coarse. I was asked to help which I gladly accepted. Sam march happily to school, he waited patiently as he was told to stay in the cloakroom while I continued to help out. Well when the kids arrived what did they find but all of their house had been visited by Leppy and his friends, letter and treats were left for them, it was fantastic. I went off to start making the green pancakes. They spoke about the little visitors and read a few stories. Well when we served the pancakes they were gobbled up in a flash.
An amazing time was had by all the kids!

So as we were getting ready to leave, the kids putting their coats on and collecting their little house. Sam decided to mix it up a bit. One minute I was putting stickers on everyone the next my kid is flying towards the cloakroom on the floor. Blood was everywhere, Sam had a serious gash on his head! One of the parents passed me a wad of paper towels to put some pressure on the wound. The teacher is telling me to take him to the office. Well I was pretty lucky not only was the principal there helping but two student nurses from TWU. They went right into mode. I just kept affirming Sam that all was well. Next I bolted home to get my car. Returned to the school, and headed to the hospital. Well on my way I decided it was probably a good idea for some backup. So I pick up Mom & Dad J for help. We waited in the hospital for a couple of hours but to no avail did we progress. I was noted that the local clinic might to stitches so I gave a quick call and we were off. Well during this entire time Sam was in pretty good spirits, well until they started the stitches. Mom & Dad had to step in and hold him down while tears streamed down my face. Finally the ordeal was over! Now to heal!

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