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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Adventure to see some buddies January 11-18,2011

We were able to schedule a visit with some good friends out east. All the stars aligned and we took the first flight out.
Sam was as excited as we were to see our friends as we had not seen each other in quite some time. We furiously gathered up our winter gear and gathered a few neccesities and we were off. Of coarse Bronwynne stayed with Grandma & Papa with walks from Chris (we have used him for a few years and he is a blessing).

We got in fairly late to Montreal so it all worked well with a sleep schedule for Sam, he was ready for bed after a day of travel.

The next morning brought the kids all gleeful to see each other and hours of play in our jammies! We ate glorious food and caught up with our dear friends. The next few days brought some adventure like outdoor skating and tubing, tons of fun had by all! The girls had ski lessons planned at a local hill so Sam & Darren also strapped on some skis and headed out to the bunny hill. Sam was pleased as punch with himself. I was overjoyed that he enjoyed himself and that we got to see both of the girls come down the hill by themselves. The remaining days found us sledding down the slope out their back door, playing, watching movies and heading to the museum of civilization. We had been before but it is such a wonderful experience that we headed back. All the kids had a great time as their is a special area just for them.

And as soon as we knew it our time was up and we had to return home. Until next time dear friends!

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