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Thursday, September 02, 2010

Remainder of Summer 2010

The remainder of the summer has crept up on us. One minute we were planning our Oregon trip, the we were actually on the trip and it was over. Enjoy the moments!
When we returned home we were a flurry of activity. Darren was back to work very quickly. His August calendar was extremely busy so we have only seen glimpses of him on his one days off in between. We even managed to do his Birthday on another day. We were fortunate to have our friends Jodi & Taylor here for a few days, they were meeting up with Dan to embark on a boating adventure. During one of those evenings we had my niece Sarah stay with us too!
In addition we managed to sneak away for a couple of days to Deception pass with Grandma & Papa. It was a lovely time even managed to a couple rounds of card in too.
We were invited by one of Sam preschool friends Madison to attend the "Walk with the Dinosaurs". What a fantastic evening, we are truly grateful for the the invitation and to be able to attend such a sensational evening.
I persuaded Darren to head out and pick some blackberries, for which I managed enough for on batch of jam. Delicious, I do wonder if I could manage to get him out one more time. HMMMMM.
And a final note would be that I have finished my first 365 project! Yay me! I am now searching on how to tackle an additional 365 photo project.

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