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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Playing catch up April 4,2010

I have to admit I have been getting a bit lazy here. Sorry if you have been checking in. I have been struggling to keep up with my photo a day in 365, but I forge on. Now that the weather seems to want to get better I am sure that I will be more inspired.

What we have been up to....

Well the regular stuff work, school, dog walks etc. Funny how I mention that I have been in a photography slump but it is the first reference I go to see what I have been doing! LOL!

Darren had this idea to create a play area for Sam and was planning and drawing ideas, but the play area in Costco grab our attention so in between work and this crazy weather he has been assembling. Sam is over the moon and can't wait for it all to be constructed. He is having a lot of fun being Daddy's helper though!

Sam had his end of the month party day. This month was music month and the artist was Kandinsky . I have to say all was well until they were almost finished their presentation and Sam fell apart crocodile tears were streaming down his cheeks. Still don't know what triggered it but after a few hugs from us and alot of coaxing he stayed for the rest of school which included an easter egg hunt!

We enjoyed an Easter dinner with my parents last night. A lovely turkey and all the tasty sides were there to be savoured!

Sam woke up to a trail of eggs and boy was he elated. He came bounding into our room with glee and excitement. After an extensive search to collect every last egg we sat down to a nice bowl of oatmeal! Something has to balance out all that sugar.

We hope you are enjoy your families! Happy Easter!

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Dan Charlesworth said...

Happy Easter to you guys! Just curious are you posting your 365 photos anywhere? I am in a photo slump as well - camera is so tired, computer crashes after every photo import. Hard to get inspired....

I am working on a new photo blog that should provide a flikr type experience but more aligned with my site design. I think that should give me some inspiration. However, I sure enjoy carting around the smaller camera G10 then my big DSLR. Am I allowed to say that?