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Monday, September 07, 2009

PNE 2009

Forgot to mention that we took a wee little break from packing to enjoy a bit of summer. We headed down to the PNE after we made apple sauce. It was late afternoon so we grab a bite to eat before we headed into the exhibition grounds. We enjoyed seeing the animals, street entertainment and all the lights & colors. We sat down to watch the monster truck drive around and low and behold Sam showed interest to go and ride on the truck. Now I thought by the time Sam & Darren got there Darren handed over his cash Sam would have decided to not go for the ride. But as Darren said he ran up the stairs and buckled himself in and wait for the truck to start. During the ride I was in the stands practically laughing myself to death. Sam did enjoy the ride but insisted they were driving tooooooo fast! After that adventure we attended the free outdoor concert featuring Johnny Reid it was fantastic!

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