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Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm Back....February 15,2009

Here are a few picture but you will find more in my Flickr. 

Sorry about not updating recently but here it goes. We had the chance to go and visit some dear friends of ours out east. I am going to back up a bit here. You know when you meet people in your life and say hey they are quite nice and then move on. Well these friends are different  these friends are not like that we all met and immediately we were laughing. We don't talk on the phone every night or for that matter every week, but when we do get a chance to catch up it is just like yesterday with a few minor modifications. We always have a tremedous time with them. 
So back to our trip. We headed out knowing the weather was to be cool and we would take advantage of the winter activities in between talking, eating and laughing. We did manage to get a few activities in before the weather decided to warm up and I know you might be thinking this would be a good thing. Not in this situation as the skating got slushy as did our sledding coarse but we still continued to have a good time. We managed to sled a bit, skate on the Rideau Canal in Ottawa, eat frozen maple syrup, head to Parc Omega and feed the wild animals a large amount of carrots, head to the museum in Ottawa and see a IMAX show and have a wonderful time catching up and enjoy wonderful food and conversation. And the kids had fun too!


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