Thursday, September 11, 2008

Sam at the Park September 7,2008

Sunday Sam & I strolled to the park and after to Safeway for a few goodies. It was a lovely afternoon and Sam had a good time going down all the slides and running back up again. It is funny to see him amongst other children he age he looks like a giant toddler sometimes.

Another nice routine that we have recently established is our neighbour coming by with their pup Duke. The two of them just run circles around us. It is nice to see even when Bronny is 5 and this guy is just a few month old that they can have such a nice time. Bronwynne really does have the patience we see it in practice with Sam all the time but it really reinforces it when I see her out there with Duke pulling and yanking on her ears and her neck! They are just a hoot!

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