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Friday, July 11, 2008

Summer Sun is Here! July 11,2008

Hello all,

Well the summer sun has finally arrived and we have been out and about. We have been to a few functions and seen a few friends. The house keeps us busy as usual. A few projects on the the go. we tackled the side of our driveway the other day. Since we have moved here it has been one of those we will get to it later projects. Well last year when we did the front of our property we managed to tackle part of the side, you know weed management. But alas the fall came and it sat. Well with the slow start to the westcoast season we finally have attack it. We cleared the weeds and other extras. And today we had a truck deliver a few yards of crushed gravel and river rock to match the front. As we worked away we always look at each other and say "Are we having fun yet?". Needless to say the job got done Sam had fun helping water the new cedars we put in and climbing the rock piles.Pics to follow in the next entry.

On a side note the other night at dinner I thought I may be at the wrong house. Sam finally ate a HAMBURGER! I hope it was not a one time venture. I can actually say I am getting sick of chicken. The additional pictures are from us goofing around in the front yard after dinner.

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