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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Strawberry Jam June 27,2008

So my parents were kind enough to let me know that they were heading to Krause Farm and asked if I would like a flat of strawberries. I was hesitant as I know once you have the berries you must do the work. I finally agreed and got a couple batches of jam that did set!(sorry yours didn't Mom). Darren is in heaven he loves fresh Jam!

If you haven't been to Krause Farm in Langley I highly recommend you go they not only have berries to pick in the appropriate season. They have a little market and a fresh bakery! Yum. And the berry milkshakes are nothing to sneeze at either!

Enjoy the season

1 comment: said...

What wonderful photos. We went there too and loved it as well! We picked raspberries and are going to make raspberry jam. Your jam looks wonderful!