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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Going to work with Daddy March 2008

Sam & I had a chance to tag along with Darren for a work day. Darren's day started and ended in Comox so instead of flying over and sitting around for a day he suggested we pack up and drive over and spend a couple of days. So we packed up the car and hopped on a ferry and drove up to Comox. We all got settled in at the hotel and had a decent nights sleep. Then next day we sent Darren off to work with three lovely flight attendants. Sam & I headed out for a stroll around town, okay so I was stolling and Sam was sleeping. We found an assortment of wonderful shops and restaurants. Darren arrived back late that nigh and the next day we went our for a lovely brunch at the Union Street Grill and had a lovely drive back to the ferry.

You know your in a hotel room with a toddler when...

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